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Together, our website builder and hosting gives you everything you need to get your small business site off the ground and launched into cyberspace.


Everything You Need toLaunch Your Small Business Website Today

rom writing your business plan to developing your products and services, as a small business owner, there can be a long list of time-consuming tasks to tackle before launch. With our website builder and hosting, your online presence needn’t be one of them. At HostChain, we give you all the tools you’ll need to design, build, and manage your website, complete with one of our shared cloud hosting plans. Our easy-to-use drag & drop editor means you spend less time struggling with code, and more time promoting your products to the world.

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    Choose a Template

    With thousands of customizable designs to choose from, you’ll find a template that fits with how you want your business to be perceived. Whatever industry your small business operates in, our designers have created the perfect template for you.

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    Customize your Design

    Our sitebuilder gives you complete control over the look and feel of your website. Need a different colour scheme? Change it. Want to add in more images and text? Use our drag & drop editor, and voila. You can easily add in maps, contact forms, videos, or anything else you’ll need to create a professional website that reflects your brand.

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    Publish to the World

    Once you’ve customized your design, our one-click publish button will launch your small business onto the internet and into people’s homes. Going live couldn’t be easier. Even after your website has been published, you can still change your template and modify it at your leisure.

Here’s What You Get with Our Website Builder and Hosting

  • Free SEO Tools

    We provide a range of SEO tools that give your website a boost in search engines. You’ll be able to edit your URLs, your meta information, your on-page content, your headings and subheadings, and your images.

  • Customizable Templates

    Whether you have an eye for design or not, with our customizable templates, you’ll have a visually stunning website that will help grow your online reputation. And the best part is, you don’t need to write a single line of code

  • Easy eCommerce Integration

    With our website builder, selling your products and services online couldn’t be easier. You’ll be able to track payments and manage your own online store with our easy-to-use eCommerce dashboard.

  • Analytics Reporting

    See how much traffic your website is receiving, where it’s coming from and what pages people are visiting on your site. With insights like these, you’ll be able to develop a strategy to increase your sales and engagement.

  • Improve Your Productivity and Save Money

    Improve Your Productivity and Save Money

    Updating your website with our sitebuilder is easy and straightforward. And when you spend less time updating your site, you get to spend more time growing your business. You’ll also save thousands of dollars on graphic design and web development, seeing as you’ll already have everything you need to create a professional business website

  • No Technical or Coding Skills Required

    No Technical or Coding Skills Required

    Why waste time writing code that’s already been written? With our sitebuilder tool, you’ll benefit from the expertise of our developers who built our software using the highest quality code. You don’t need to be technically-minded to use our sitebuilder tool. Our drag & drop editor is simple and straightforward to use, regardless of your technical skill level.

  • A Professional Image for your Small Business

    A Professional Image for your Small Business

    Nothing says trustworthy and professional more than a well-designed website. Your site is your online shop front - it needs to be appealing and inviting. With our customizable templates, you’ll have an aesthetically pleasing website that your customers will want to explore.

  • From Ground Zero to Cyberspace in No Time at All

    From Ground Zero to Cyberspace in No Time at All

    You’ll be surprised at just how quickly you can launch your website with our sitebuilder. All it takes is three easy steps to design, build, and launch your site. You’ll have a whole suite of templates and features at your disposal, making your launch quick and simple.

  • Complete Flexibility and Control

    Complete Flexibility and Control

    With our sitebuilder, your control doesn’t end when you hit publish. Even after your website is live, you can still change your content, your products, your page layouts, your meta information, or any other aspect of your website design.

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